Christmas Shopping Hacks to Make Your Life a Lot Easier


If you’re looking for ways to spoil your loved ones this festive season without breaking the bank, keep reading. There are several smart ways to save but still be super-generous!

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If you feel like the malls are too full already, you don’t fancy queuing at a Black Friday sale or you simply prefer to shop online, we’ve got some great news for you.

Have Some Honey

Google has created a Chrome extension called Honey, and this clever little tool seeks out discounts, free shipping deals and awesome promotions for shoppers who are looking to save a little extra. The Honey plug-in works by displaying a small badge alongside a price to show you whether or not you’re getting the best price online. Before you check out, you can hit the Honey button, and if there’s a voucher or discount code for your item, the price will drop.

This means that you always get the cheapest possible price and that you save a bundle.

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Shop at the Right Time

With in store media like that available at making us feel good when shopping, spending cash is easier than ever. But if you prefer shopping in a physical store, we suggest you do your Christmas gift buying a month beforehand.

Adobe has pinpointed November the 22nd as the best day to find discounts on clothes, and many other surveys show that those who leave gift buying to the last minute end up spending a whole lot more. If you shop early you can avoid panic-buying and cut back on Christmas costs considerably. Many stores also subtly increase their prices before Christmas, as they know they can capitalise on those who have left their shopping till the very last minute.

Don’t Rush the Process

The internet is a great tool for anyone looking for the best prices, and if you don’t leave your shopping till the last minute, you can shop around and see who’s selling what at what price. You can compare different brands and see whether one label is cheaper than another, and you can check review sites to see who offers the best products.

The more time you have and the more research you do, the better equipped you’ll be to save rather than splurge.

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